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For Green-Inspired Meetings and Custom Tours

Archetype Sustainable House

Located in the Living City Campus at Kortright — one of Canada’s premier sustainability training facilities.

  • Draw inspiration from green technology and natural surroundings.
  • Custom Tours and Sustainability Workshops available.
  • Meeting Rooms, amenities and on-site catering available in the House or Visitors Centre.

Archetype Sustainable House Tours (All Year)

Corporate tours will focus on two semi-detached houses that have been constructed here at Kortright. They serve as models for builders, homebuyers and municipal leaders to see the next generation green homes as we move towards ever more sustainable housing. The first home focuses on technologies that are readily available today. The second home explores alternative prototype technologies that will come on stream in the next 5 to 10 years. Renewable energy, energy/water conservation technologies, site management, material sourcing and construction processes are among the issues that are addressed in these sustainable houses.

Contact at 416-667-6286 or email CorporateEvents@trca.on.ca